Bull Rack System - BR3 Ultimate

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  • Bull Racks are the Best Rack System to maximize your cooking area! Perfect for large quantities of food.
  • The options are endless... smoke, cook, dry, rotate and cure MORE jerky, fish, pizza, vegetables, desserts and more on your grill...Like a PRO!
  • Ultimate Package includes stainless steel rack, 3 aluminum perforated trays, 1 aluminum drip tray, 3 wire rack inserts and one - 8 ½” x 12” Bull Mat.
  • Bull Rack measurements with 3 perforated trays: 14 ½” Wide x 10" Deep x 6 5/8” High (tallest point at handle) BR-3 = 276 sq inches (cooking trays)
  • U.S. Patent No. D769,679

A QUALITY rack system that can save you money. Use less pellets or fuel to cook MORE food. More space = less waste! Adjustable heights allow you to cook, smoke, dry or cure MORE jerky, fish, pizza, vegetables, desserts and more on your grill…Like a PRO! Perfect for large quantities of food…Built for performance…Rave reviews! Drip Tray - Works great to catch drippings (keep your grill cleaner), use as a hydration tray, use as a cookie tray for your grill and more! Great under the perforated tray in the kitchen while prep cooking…keeps juices from running all over your counter! Wire Rack Inserts – Create more air flow around your cook, keep the cook off the trays for better moisture/drip control and add to the overall flexibility of use the Bull Rack System provides! Bull Mat - Have you ever wanted to cook vegetables directly on your pellet grill but found it fell through the grates? How about cooking fish on the smoker and having it flake apart making it difficult to handle? Now you have options! The Bull Mat makes this a thing of the past. Simply place a sheet of Bull Mat down on your indirect heat grill (hardwood smoker grills) and throw the vegetables (think green beans, asparagus, mushrooms!), meat, fish, bacon or kabobs right on it. Food does not fall through and it is much easier to work with. Use the Bull Mats for your smoker pellet grills, ovens, food dehydrators and dedicated smoker units! FDA food compliant, non-stick (wow!), flexible surface (even wrap your roast or fish!)...designed for performance! **Warning: Do not use this material over direct heat like gas or charcoal grilling! Works on indirect heat grills like hardwood smoker pellet grills, ovens, food dehydrators and dedicated smokers! BR3 Bull Rack System works with the following grills: Green Mountain Grills - Davy Crockett; Traeger - Jr. or similar size grills...check your dimensions.

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