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Scottish Eggs - Smokedtacular treat

Smoked + Spectacular= Smokedtacular

OK not everything blends together to leave a nice taste on your tongue.  Smoketacular is one of those such instances.  However, this recipe combining smoked eggs, meat, bacon and sauce is sure to please the taste buds!  

I usually make Scottish Eggs using my favorite pork sausage.  This time I mixed it up a bit and used hamburger.  This mix did not disappoint.  What... you don't know what a Scottish Egg is?  Read on my friend!

Scottish Eggs - Smokedtacular treat

Prep Time: 30 min
Cook Time: 455 deg for 15-20 min +/-

Grill Type: Pellet Grill

Ideas to cook by - Scottish Egg:

1.5 lb hamburger meat

1/8 c diced salami

1 farm fresh egg

3 Smoked eggs

2 tbsp sweet onion bits

1/2 tsp salt

2 dash Pepper, 3 dash Sage and/or season to taste


Get your ingredients ready. I like to build my cook on a cutting board and take it directly to my Bull Rack perforated tray with a drip tray underneath. Keeps everything clean, neat and easy to carry out to the grill. I like easy.

Mix up the hamburger, fresh egg, salami bits, onion and seasonings in a bowl. Any bowl will do... as long as it is not too small. Too big a bowl is better than too small when it comes to bowl methodology. Years of experience has taught me this bit of wisdom. Mom is proud.

Now that you have all the meat mixed up, put down a bit of parchment paper and divide the meat out into three balls. Flatten the meat out to make patties. The goal here is to make them big enough to be able to wrap completely around the smoked egg (peeled!) with an even amount of meat around all sides. OK then, put the eggs in the middle of the patties and wrap them up to look like a big meatball. Sounds like a' big a' meat a'ball. Say this while making it and entertain yourself and others. Smiles make everyone feel better. Take two pieces of long bacon and wrap around this meatball in opposing directions. If your bacon does not want to play nice, skewer it right through the middle and hold it all in place nicely.

Place the Scottish eggs on the Bull Rack Tray and carry out to the grill. Now put it on the smoker and take pictures. Post them to FB Bull Rack Systems page... we all like to give each other kudos for our efforts. Smoke until done... I use the bacon as a tell. When the bacon is cooked up nice, then the rest is ready to go. Of course, you can always use your handy dandy trusty meat probe to check the meat temperature to be sure.

Ideas to cook by - Hollandaise Sauce:

6 farm fresh egg yolks

fresh lemon wedge

apx 1/4 c water

2 dash white pepper

1 stick salted butter

Right before the Scottish eggs are done, prepare some delicious hollandaise sauce. Separate the egg yolks out and combine with a squeeze of lemon, water and seasonings. In a sauce pan cut the stick of butter up and slowly start to melt it (low heat). Stir, stir, stir sir. See what I did there? Ok, now slowly stir in the egg yolks while stirring over low heat. When the butter and the yolks combine and look smooth... pull it off the stove. Stir frequently, but grab the Scottish Eggs off the grill and plate them. Go ahead and drizzle the sauce over the eggs and smile. Smile big because this is going to taste great!

Like the fancy plate and ware? I cooked these up at an event we were at. With a little planning you could make this camping, tailgating, at home, the race track... I think you get the idea. Plan your cook, cook your plan, eat your food. I call it PYCCYPEYF for short. No not really.

Enjoy these for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Easy to make and tasty. Cook ON my friend!

*Ideas to cook by. Use your imagination and experience to modify the recipe to make it perfect for you.

Some may see my recipes as a cheap advertisement for plugging the awesome Bull Rack System. Yes. Yes it is and I thank them for pointing out the obvious. It is also a great way to share different cooks and expand the opportunity to see the many great ways to use the Bull Rack System. I hope you found this interesting and helpful. Please share with links back to Visit us on FB at Bull Rack Systems and post your own Bull Rack System cooks!