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Jerky on the Pellet Grill!

I thought I would post a recent Jerky batch done with the  Bull Rack System.  Jerky is so easy to make on the pellet grill... everyone should do it.  Season it the way you want and have a quick and easy snack on the go.

This cook used the  wire rack inserts to create bit more air circulation around the meat.  This makes it possible to tend your cook less and makes it a bit easier overall.  Very easy to rotate the trays from top to bottom to keep an even cook going.  You will always cook hotter toward the heat source, so being able to easily rotate the trays makes it really nice. 

You can take the trays out and use only what you need.  Space the trays as needed... no limits with The Bull Rack System.  

This cook was done with top round beef.  MMmmmm.... good!  Cook ON!