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Chocolate Chipotle Bacon Candy


This might make your head explode.  Combine all these favorites and throw them on the BBQ!  That is exactly what happens when you step up and make... 


Did I shout?  Sorry, I got excited... but some things are worth shouting about.

But wait, there is a problem.  Try cooking this on your grill.  It is going to get messy, greasy, sticky, gooey and you might even have some fall through the grates.  That does not sound like too much fun.  (que the "sigh" here)

Oh, but the answer to this problem is Easy!  Use the  Bull Rack System just like Ken does in this video... 

Chocolate Chipotle Bacon Candy Video

and keep it simple to get this awesome cook done without all the fuss.  Oh Ya!

Cook ON!