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Bear Paws!  These are very useful for moving food around while cooking... inside or out on the BBQ! 
Great for:
  • Roasts and Hams
  • Turkey and chicken
  • Pulled Pork
  • Keeps hands cool
  • Won't scratch coated surfaces
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to use


New “Grizzly” edition Bear Paws are now available!

Bear Paw Products, Inc. is proud to announce that a new and improved Bear Paw is hitting the market! Introducing the “Grizzly”!


Even though Bear Paws are widely recognized by Pitmasters and World Champions as the best tool for pulled pork and we’ve passed the rigorous tests to become recommended by America’s Test Kitchen, we’ve been working behind the scenes to go from good to great. We’ve developed a FDA approved, proprietary nylon material that is harder, denser, stronger, tougher, more heat- resistant and will stay sharper in use! Named the “Grizzly”, it comes in a sleek black color with “Bear Paws” engraved on the handle to serve as a strong grip surface as well as “The Original”-after all, there is nothing like it and these are REALLY tough. These awesome ‘Paws work with a heat deflection temperature rating of up to 400 degrees. They also work for all types of kitchen uses including handling turkeys, hams, roasts, large fruit and vegetables, and for tossing salads and pastas. They are a necessity in every kitchen as an extra set of hands for unique uses.

Others have surveyed the landscape on BBQ tools and accessories and have told us this product has always been the best in class.


Bear Paws are proudly “Made in the USA”. Get yourself a set of the “Grizzly” Bear Paws right away but… be careful!!! They are super sharp and you will find it much quicker and easier to shred a pork butt than anything you have ever used before! You only need to gently pull the paws through the meat and let the tines do the work gliding along the cutting board surface-no poking, digging, or hard pulling needed-they do the job easily and they’re fun to use! Our trademarked and patented Bear Paws work to pull the pork to the exact consistency you desire to deliver a visually appealing product that releases the great pork flavor like nothing else.

Made in the USA!

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